We are making some changes to Mailsafe.......

...with a new website coming soon

We solve email archiving and filing problems for all sorts of businesses in the Private and Public sector that use Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft365

Mailsafe is still available to purchase as an on-site archive solution using Microsoft SQL Server.

However…….we’re also working on Mailsafe365, our new cloud (MYSQL) email archiving solution, due for imminent release.

We have new pricing too for all installations…….a low-cost, annual charge per-user that includes all software, support, enhancements and upgrades.

Want to talk to us about your email archiving project?

Whatever your requirement for managing emails, whether for just a small team or your entire company, please get in touch below and we’ll message you right back!

Full integration with Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019

Perfect for Microsoft365 or Microsoft Exchange sites now!

Our most popular solutions ...

Email Filing / Tagging

Users can tag, file, archive and share emails with up to six additional index fields.

Perfect for departments or industries such as Accounting, Legal, Construction, Project Work etc.

Mailsafe Personal Folder Archiving

Personal Folder Archiving

Mailsafe will automatically copy their Personal Folder structure to the archive along with their emails for safe keeping. Carry on using Outlook as normal, creating as many folders as required to file away your emails. No more PST files required. Users always stay within their Exchange or Office365 mailbox quota.

Compliance Email Archiving

Compliance Archiving

Mailsafe can capture a copy of all emails via the Exchange journal or from Microsoft365 to capture all emails for an organisation.

Alternatively, compliance archiving via our Outlook toolbar will archive ALL emails for specific individuals, teams or departments.

PST File Discovery & Archiving

PST File Discovery & Archiving

Our PST Discovery tool will quickly find where every PST file is, it's size, who it belongs to etc. These PST files can then be imported to Mailsafe. PST files can be deleted from their original location. PST file emails and their associated folder structure are quickly searchable by those that need them.

Mailsafe Confidential


Send secure emails via Outlook and protect important information business information. Our separate Outlook plugin guarantees only the recipient can open and view the email. Perfect for the Accounting and legal sector or any industry that deals with sensitive information e.g. Payroll details.

NHS Email Archiving

Email Archiving for the NHS

Mailsafe has supplied the NHS with secure email archiving since 2012 across 72 sites and in excess of 157,000 users.

Perfect for Hospital Trusts, CCGs, CSUs and GPs.

Some of our customers

API Energy
HCA Healthcare
NHS Ayrshire & Arran
Spelthorne Borough Council

Some of our customers

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